1-1 Goal Coaching (4 weeks)

Is there something that you’ve always said that you would do but just haven’t got around to yet? Or maybe it’s something that’s kind of scary, a real change that would make a big difference in your life… and you just don’t know where to start.

1-1 Goal Coaching provides pinpointed focus onto one goal in your business or life.

  • What’s included:
    • One 30-minute call where we distinguish the goal and create action steps
    • A 4-week email plan, customized to your goal
    • Unlimited email coaching for 4 weeks (I promise to reply within 24 hours of your email)
    • One 30-minute call at the end of the four weeks to celebrate and create further action if needed
  • What this is good for:
    • Personal accountability! If you say it’s going to happen, so do I! And I’ll hold you to it.
    • This program works for goals that you think can be completed in a 4-week time span, or big, scary goals that you need a kick start (or kick in the pants) on!

Group Coaching Program

Coming Soon!

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