Eggs Benedict Moments

Empty Theatre (almost) by Jaako

I love Eggs Benedict. It’s one of my all-time favourite foods and has stood the test of my changing culinary tastes. (Originally loaded with bacon, I now indulge in vegetarian versions of this popular breakfast food, usually with avocado. I’m already salivating…)

Whenever my dad would make Eggs Benedict when I was younger, I would always be really pumped to eat it. So excited in fact, I’d take a few moments before indulging to simply look at the glorious dish. The poached egg, the avocado (or bacon), the English muffin, the homemade hollandaise sauce… mmmm! I had to savour the moment right before digging in.

This is the core principle of the “Eggs Benedict Moment.” It’s a moment of anticipation. The moment just before something exciting.

Now, Eggs Benedict Moments (“EB”, for short) are a common phrase used amongst my immediate family members. Often my dad will whisper “EB!” to me when we’re sitting in the audience and the lights are dimming before a performance or movie.

EB Moments are an appreciation for the present. Even when I know that something awesome is about to happen, reveling in the moments just beforehand keeps my mind alive and involved. I find it’s more likely that I’ll stay present during the show if I just take a second to focus. My mind won’t wander and I will stay engaged in the art that I’m experiencing.

As simple as it is, it’s taken me some time to realize that this concept is applicable to many aspects of life. Where we’re sitting right now, just at the brink of 2013, is very much an EB moment.

I have always been the type of person to set way too many resolutions at the beginning of a year, only to be dismayed when I can’t possibly change so many aspects of my life so quickly.

This year, instead of the grocery list of goals, the main thing for me is to remain present, focused, and engaged. Like in an EB moment before a show. Only this is the show of life – no dress rehearsals here!

So here’s to 2013 and all of the EB moments to come this year, and hopefully lots of real deal Eggs Benedict too!

Photo by Jaako

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