Monday Videos and Dance Reads!

I’ve sadly been overcome with a giant cold this week, and because it fell on the same week as Entrelacement’s fundraiser I decided that the energy that it would take to make a new vid would be better spent on healing and resting.

SO! I’ve prepared a lovely dance reader instead, full of videos and articles that I think are awesome and timely:

The December Projects, a show that some of my classmates from SFU are currently working on, will premier on December 1 at Woodward’s. This is a video of an excerpt of Katie DeVries’s piece, “Feast.” Pieces by Michael Kong and Erika Mitsuhashi will be shown as well. See it if you’re in Vancouver – these artists are known to make great work!

A piece in progress from Triadic Dance Works – they’re in Berlin right now and it looks like they are exploring some interesting new things.

This article about dancing William Forsythe. I love this quote:

As for the improvisation: Don’t worry about “right” or “wrong.” What’s important is that you move with confidence. “If you second guess yourself, it will read in the body,” Reeder says. “That’s when things start to look awkward.” Forsythe improv usually relates to material you do elsewhere in the ballet, which gives you a vocabulary to fall back on. If you’re stuck, try rearranging the steps of an earlier sequence, or dancing the pas de deux material without a partner. Be fearless.

My sister started a blog! No, it’s not specifically dance, but her ramblings are very entertaining and artistically relevant.

Two reviews of 605 Collective‘s “Inheritor Album” after it showed in Edmonton on October 5 & 6. Jen Mesch’s take. And Kelsie Acton’s of Sound & Noise (with video at the bottom!). I saw the show on both nights. All I have to say is, if you get the chance, GO.

The CBC’s article on the prevalence of modern dance in pop music videos. All of the videos for these songs are embedded in the article – and most are really interesting!

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