Projection and Performance Prototype: Banff Centre Boot Camp

This past weekend I took part in the Banff Centre’s Rapid Prototyping Projection and Performance Boot Camp, as a part of the IDEA Summit.

Two groups, each with three artists, were made and had 55 hours to create a projection and performance “prototype” – something that could be taken and applied to a live performance piece.

My fellow group members were Nicolas De Cosson (MFA student at University of Windsor) and Manuel Ermecheo (a student at Alberta College of Art & Design). We created a prototype using two projectors, two kinects, tons of video and sound footage, three mac computers, and an iPhone that sent live feed into one of the programs. (Am I forgetting anything?)

I have never been exposed to more technology options than I was on the weekend. However, after my mind had been thoroughly blown, I picked up the pieces and began to understand some of the behind-the-scenes programming that went on.

Although it really is only a beginning, I can see huge potential in the connection between dance and projection. I can’t wait to start to apply this knowledge to my choreographic practice!

Here’s the footage! It’s pretty rough but it definitely shows what we accomplished. The first two clips are of myself and the prototype, shot during our presentation to the Summit. The third is a closer look at Manuel playing afterwards!

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