Dance Reader: September 21

Avenue Edmonton’s 2012-2013 dance season – I’m near the bottom in Mile Zero’s season! Performing my work-in-progress on February 28, 2013. Plan ahead! Come out and see it! I’m sharing the stage with the Good Women Dance Collective (therefore, the evening is going to ROCK!).

Toronto Urban Film Festival is now over, but you can still watch Anna Kraulis’s dance video “Twixt” here. It won an honourable mention! I went to SFU with her and both of the dancers in the film, Philippa Myler and Lindsey Ridgway.

This article about Gerry Morita’s piece, “Limbs”, performed by Heidi Bunting on  September 12 as a part of Visualeyez. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to see it, but it seems as though the work was striking and thought-provoking.

Bboyizm is coming to Edmonton! Here’s a preview from the St. Albert Leader. They perform at the Arden Theatre on September 28 and 29.

This is a really interesting piece about racial stereotyping in ballet.

Alberta Ballet is also coming to Edmonton this weekend.

And, last but definitely not least, this video with choreographer Crystal Pite of Kidd Pivot on Vancouver’s Creative Mornings. What an inspiration. Pite’s dances are “not about balance” and she’s interested in “energy created by tension.” She “wants the audience to connect to their own bodies through the dancer.” Watch it!

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