Edmonton Dances: Dance Collective at Victoria School of the Arts

I’m a graduate of Victoria School of the Arts and I will be the first to tell you that it’s an amazing school. The arts program at Vic is unparalleled and it’s a place where young artists thrive. All of my hopes and dreams were formed in those hallways – it’s a place that’s hard to forget once you’ve stepped in the doors.

And you can see for yourself this Thursday and Friday, May 24 and 25! The dance program is presenting Dance Collective, a show choreographed almost entirely by guest artists, most of them alumni. This will be a fantastic opportunity to see many faces of Edmonton’s small but lively dance scene come out of the woodwork and to see the work of the city’s up-and-coming dance artists!

I have choreographed one of the pieces in the show, entitled “Cosmic Gridlock” for a high school contemporary class. They were the most dedicated group of young women that I’ve ever worked with and it was SUCH a treat to choreograph for 20-some dancers! Also in the show are pieces by local artists Ainsley Hillyard, Raena Waddell, Gerry Morita, and Heidi Bunting, among others, and LOTS of works by alumni. This is a dance show that is sure to inspire and you won’t want to miss it!

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